HACCP Consultants

At a glance

Our client is a state entity responsible for the custody of over 13,000 inmates across 38 facilities.

The entity operates numerous food production establishments including bakeries, frozen meal producers, vegetable processors and a milk processor. The organisation used a complex approach to hazard analysis, CCP determination and other documents such as work instructions which were cumbersome and inconsistent. Senior leadership determined that an improved system together with a skilled and knowledgeable management team could rightly achieve HACCP certification. Food Safety Plus was chosen as HACCP Consultants to provide professional food safety and HACCP guidance.



To achieve the client’s objective of a simplified and effective food safety management system, Food Safety Plus undertook a detailed review of the entities documented processes to:

  • Establish uniform methods to better identify and control food safety hazards
  • Reduce duplication by consolidating policies and procedures
  • Create easier to use documentation that incorporate organisational jargon
  • Work with the corporate team to select a suitable certification provider
  • Develop a series of tailored, accredited training programs


Food Safety Plus presented food safety and auditor training with training commencing in 2014 and scheduled to continue throughout 2020. Participants received concentrated and practical training in the processes required to develop implement and assess a food safety management system against the requirements of Codex HACCP and the Food Standards Code. The training program provide for extensive use of case studies, practical team activities, discussion and real audit activities.


Benefits achieved by our client

The preventive approach of a practical HACCP based Food Safety Management System not only improved food safety practices but also complemented their ISO 9001 quality management system.

  • Increased organisational awareness of food risks
  • Greater product and raw ingredient traceability
  • Increased Ministerial confidence is the safety of food served to inmates
  • Improvement of internal review processes
  • Professional development of 200+ staff
  • Achieved HACCP and ISO 9001:2015 Certification


Keywords: Case study, HACCP Certification, HACCP Consultant, Food Safety Management Systems, Auditing, Compliance