HACCP Consultancy PNG

At a glance

9 Mile Vegetable Farm is the largest commercial farm in Papua New Guinea. Its growth strategy is based on its determination to offer clients consistently high standards. That means having systems and processes that are as good, if not better, than international competitors.


The farm includes 6 hectares of modern greenhouses, as well as a central packaging and logistics centre. These advanced greenhouses use cutting-edge drip irrigation systems, high-quality fertilizers, and seeds that are specially selected for their genetic advantages. The packaging and logistics centres prepare the vegetables for the local markets and oversee all other parts of the project, including marketing and distribution



To increase food safety and security, Food Safety Plus was engaged as consultants to facilitate a food safety management system that defined its processes in a consistent way and provided a framework to measure and improve what it does.

The overall objective was to integrate the food safety management system into 9 Mile’s existing practices. The key to success was to ensure that any new ways of working felt like business as usual, rather than a bolt-on. We made sure that we used local terminology because jargon would potentially put people off.


Food Safety Plus in consultation with 9 Mile agronomists and professional staff:

  • Undertook a comprehensive onsite review of the growing and packing processes
  • Delivered advance, accredited HACCP and auditor training
  • Developed a food safety management system unique to 9 Mile
  • Facilitated implementation by initiating project teams and appointed a champion for each business area.


Benefits achieved by 9 Mile Vegetable Farm

From achieving HACCP certification, our client has unlocked integral business benefits including better product quality, more satisfied customers and, ultimately, improved business and food safety performance.

  • High-level product quality and reliability
  • Achieves international best practice in food safety
  • Meets legal obligations and customer requirements
  • Facilitates tenders and strengthen bids