HACCP Certification For Pest Controllers

Become HACCP Certified with Food Safety Plus

HACCP Certification For Pest Controllers

Become HACCP Certified with Food Safety Plus

Food Safety Plus offers HACCP certification for the Pest Management Industry

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is the internationally recognised framework for reducing the risk of safety hazards in food. Hazards such as bacteria, viruses, chemicals or foreign objects can be introduced into a food business by licenced pest controllers.

Benefits of HACCP certification for pest controllers

HACCP Certification offers the pest control industry an opportunity to work in partnership with food businesses. Pest controllers with HACCP certification demonstrate compliance with food safety principles in their service delivery and assist in preparation of safer food.

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What is involved?

Our food safety auditors will review your service with an emphasis on how you:


  • Provide a clear explanation to management of the food business about the treatments to be carried out and agreement reached about their suitability, location, potential for causing food hazards and any action which may need to be taken by the food business
  • Provide clear advice to the management of the food business about the types of pests identified and their possible effect on food safety
  • Are aware of restrictions on treatments
  • Are aware of food business requirements such as personal hygiene and restrictions on entry times to food business
  • Are aware that regular and systematic cleaning by the food business could make it more difficult to detect, trace and identify pests and the possible destruction of chemical treatments by cleaning materials
  • Ensure licenced controllers are aware of the impact of incorrect use of products such as incorrect product selection or application method
  • Maintain batch records for treatments used and account for all preparations when any specific treatment is completed
  • Keep written procedures and records so you can demonstrate your compliance.

Much of this is not new to the pest control industry, especially to those who operate with or are familiar with Integrated Pest Management and the safe use of hazardous chemicals. HACCP and the safe use of chemicals require documented work processes, so it means that most pest controllers are already aware of systematic controls. Therefore, HACCP certification can be easily and readily adopted in the pest control industry.

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